Saturday, April 24, 2010

ok, lets get SERIOUS!

Now that i havent been working for 2 months i really really need to straighten up and fly right, its time to get serious about LilSewNsew.

This page, blog, will still remain, as it is my looser side of the stress... i still need some where to vent, explain, demonstrate and play.... but i have also created a face book page solely for LilSewNsew. This will be for event dates, networking and final product display.

Please, feel free to add the page by using the "like" button. I would love to have you on board :)

Well, it is the long weekend, and i HAVE to get back on my time line if i want new stock at the next Shellharbour school market on the 2nd. So far i have done zero of the planned 10 bags, zero of the planned 3 fancy plastic bag recyclers.. not to mention all the restock little stuff !

Ewww, wizards of waverly place is on tv, and thats the best reason to get up off this couch!!!

Later Gaters  xoxox