Saturday, February 13, 2010

oopppss has it really been since Sept 2009?!

nawty jojo....

My first thoughts would be nothing, yet everything has, happened since i last blogged... its amazing how time flies.

Xmas came and went, though we dont celebrate, our yearly holiday was fantastic as usual, Bawley Point is a beautiful place.

Now i find the cold is creeping in and im not happy Jan lol... My morning coffee is more of a teeth defroster more than a kick start to my whole body.

With the cold also comes a lack of motivation for markets stalls :S I think next weekend will be the last for Kiama... too close to the water.. and no spenders :P So indoor markets and online will be the go for the next 6 months me thinks... BUT, there has to be more markets as i just spent waaay too much on display stuff.. makes a difference though...