Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ohhh i think i need to change my email n the preferences :(

I missed out on signing up for some great swaps due to me not checking my google homie.. buggerbuggerbugger

Yeah for the ones i did sign up for though!

Button jewelry.. this is going to be interesting.. and fun! I haven't done much jewelry making as such.. better raid my daughters stash. Beats the bits and pieces being all aver the floor for nothing lol

A fall apron.. IN THE BAG.. teehee.. i already have the perfect material and after checking about my partners blog, Vickie, I am preetttyy sure she is gonna like it ;) I would post pics but that would just give it allll away and thats no fun :P You will just have to wait till the swaps over and pics are posted then..

Sorry to my swap buddie in the i love lucy swap but pics werent taken before hubby cleared the lounge room :( But it was a bundle of seriously groovy stuff! L.O.V.E.D the vege knives, great colours, and the purse is soo me, the apron is so funky and now has permanent residence on the kitchen wall, but i have to confess the daughter swipped the nail polosh and mascara, well one of them, she cant have everything! though try telling her that lol

I am really enjoying the idea of swaps and would encourage every one to give it a go at least once! I am trying to do two at once, one based on some thing i have never really tried and one doing something i know i can easy do.. ones fun and the others challenge as well as fun.. but thats just me..

anyhoo. spose i better getting moving, kiddos home soon and nothings done lol




  1. Hi, I'm your button swap partner. I've not done much jewellery making either so should be interesting what we both come up with!!

    Kat :-)

  2. Hi Kat.. excellent, we are on a level playing field lol Its gonna be fun.. i am off to look for inspiration now!

  3. Hi Joanne,
    I would like to find out a bit more about your likes and dislikes...have an idea I wish to use for your apron..please email me at so I can then email you back as you don't have a email button on your blog...Swaps are super great fun and the challenge ones just make the brain work a tad harder hehehe,cheers Vickie