Tuesday, June 2, 2009

whhoohooo holi holidays!

How i have managed it i dont know, BUT, i am on 2 weeks holidays! :D

Convenient considering the next markets is in 2 weeks lol...

I have a mission of 10 small and 10 big "wristlettes" this week .. I have done one of each .. oops... better get cracking!

These are the small ones, i finalllly learned how to line them! Lots of thinking thinking thinking.. but i got there.. Heres the small lined..

And heres the large one..

I have also bought some clip chains to make some boys ones.. the boys are always left out..

Well it is 11am and half am hour past my dead line to be starting my sewing.. and i havent even had a second coffee yet!

Later gaters...


  1. Love to see the boys versions!

    Just dropping by to let you know you won my teddy bear give-away. Visit my blog (profile page)and send me an email with your address details and she will be on her way to her new home ASAP!

  2. Hello, and welcome to blogland! I love your kitty, she looks just like my little ragdoll baby girl Sass. Sass is almost two now, so quite a bit bigger, but looked just like Moshymoo when she was a kitten. Good luck with the sewing and the markets. Kelly :-)

  3. Thanks Kelly :D

    I lurve my mooshy too, her ragdoll princess name is JinJee, but we call her moosh, minge, jinge, mushymoo, and this weeks fav is mushymoomoo, i think it sounds like a sumo lol. Jinge is oohh, 7 months?, she is due for desexing soon..

    I love your blog, it is providing me with hours of links and then links and then some links.. i like seeking, reading and learning :) Thanks for aiding me ;) lol

  4. Hi Joanne hope you've had another cuppa and been sewing up a storm . Looking forward to seeing more of your work .Good luck at the markets .