Sunday, May 31, 2009


Well after spending half the day setting this thing up and making my banner, i guess i had better post some thing!

Hi, my name is JoJo. I am married, 2 kids, a beautiful mushycat, and i am a little sew and sew.

I can t help it..

I should have listened to my ma (yeah, shouldnt have we all teehee) when she tried to teach me from the age of about 12. Unfortunately i wasnt interested.. and it seems in retrospect, i have wasted alot of time! But it does delight her to no end now that i have been bitten by the bug, and is always ready to give advise and hand down some of her treasures. Hi ma...

I consider myself a 'fabricoholic'. I love fabrics. Not so much the material/cloth, but the designs and prints. My collection is already out of control, well for the space i am trying to contain it in; one corner of the lounge room; and i am always on the hunt...

My second addiction is patterns. I have almost as many as i do meters of material.. and to be honest, i hate using patterns!! lol. whats the use?? i think they are preeeeetttyyy.

I have just started selling at the markets, with my best friend Nessi. Kiama markets to be precise, every third Sunday (i think lol). May be one day i will be able to give up my full time job and just sew for a living, selling at various markets each weekend.. but they are just dreams at the moment... Then again if that happens we will definitely need an extension to facilitate my new "office". Poor kids, they have to watch telly around my bobbing head and over the drone of the machine.. MUM WHY DO YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO SEEEEWWWWW? then again, they'll live :P

Come back again, i hope you find lots to see and read as my busy and bumpy road winds along.. and dont ever be shy, say hello ;)

Well i guess i had better wrap it up.. school tomorrow and starving troops now...

Till next time...


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