Monday, September 21, 2009

wow, best ever markets!

bbuuuttttttt, i didnt sell any handymades :'(

i sold alot of the dress's i scored in bulk and alot of the second hand clothes... but only a handful of clippies and head bands, no aprons.. OHH, I LIE, i did sell an eco bag, my fav one with apples..

I am so tired, i should be working but alas i can only sit here and stare.. gee, this piddle of text took me way too long.. lol

I cant even be bothered fixing the layout of this post.. sooorrryyyy

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


would you believe what came out of the old man at Vinnies mouth yesterday on my button hunt..

convo goes:

jo: hello sir, do you have any buttons?...

old geeeeeentlemaaaaan: yes, over there *points*

jo: no no, bulk, lots of, jars full!

old geeeeeentlemaaaaann: we only have satchets of 4 -6 now

jo: UM, WHY????!!!???

old geeeeeentlemaaaaan : Ohh those crafty types, THEY COME AND BLOODY BUY THEM ALL!


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ohhh i think i need to change my email n the preferences :(

I missed out on signing up for some great swaps due to me not checking my google homie.. buggerbuggerbugger

Yeah for the ones i did sign up for though!

Button jewelry.. this is going to be interesting.. and fun! I haven't done much jewelry making as such.. better raid my daughters stash. Beats the bits and pieces being all aver the floor for nothing lol

A fall apron.. IN THE BAG.. teehee.. i already have the perfect material and after checking about my partners blog, Vickie, I am preetttyy sure she is gonna like it ;) I would post pics but that would just give it allll away and thats no fun :P You will just have to wait till the swaps over and pics are posted then..

Sorry to my swap buddie in the i love lucy swap but pics werent taken before hubby cleared the lounge room :( But it was a bundle of seriously groovy stuff! L.O.V.E.D the vege knives, great colours, and the purse is soo me, the apron is so funky and now has permanent residence on the kitchen wall, but i have to confess the daughter swipped the nail polosh and mascara, well one of them, she cant have everything! though try telling her that lol

I am really enjoying the idea of swaps and would encourage every one to give it a go at least once! I am trying to do two at once, one based on some thing i have never really tried and one doing something i know i can easy do.. ones fun and the others challenge as well as fun.. but thats just me..

anyhoo. spose i better getting moving, kiddos home soon and nothings done lol



Friday, August 28, 2009

Polka Dot Swap!


that was ALOT of fun!

I love polka dots, and i think my swap partner realised that when the swap was received lol

Unfortunately i didnt take any pics of the parcel i sent BUT i do have pics of my received bundle, which you will ALL agree is just BRILLIANT!

Friday, July 17, 2009

I am so neglectful..

Or is that time greedy?

Either way i have been missing in action.. sorry...

So much has happened too! The markets were canceled last month so it feels like years between sales!! But, they are on this weekend, so i am excited.. specially with my new items! I think i am filling my desire for another child with sewing baby items :S

Busy busy busy organising my swaps also.. at least i can say they are finished and ready to post!! I hope my partners like their parcels! The final I love Lucy item came today and i can spend Saturday making it allll preeettttyy ready to post monday!

Um, folks, i have a new obsession *blush*


My friend dragggged and i do mean dragggged me to a local church for a mums meeting and card making session. I do have to say i had so much fun with these ladies and new toys that the very next day i went out and created 2 tubs of stamping for me and my daughter. we have had non stop creativity and fun ever since!

Now i would like to try making my own stamps and stamping some material! My imagination runs wild!

I especially L.O.V.E these ones i found online....

Just toooo cuuuttteeee

Monday, June 15, 2009

oh oh ohhhh its all over *sob*

Why are holidays the fastest days ever??

I managed to NOT complete my goals over the last 2 weeks, but thats ok, i relaxed and enjoyed life again... well thats what i keep telling my self ;)

Do you know what i really hate?

When you think yeah thatll work, do all of them, then 2 days later check them and THEY DIDNT WORK.. bugger bugger buugggeeeerrrr

They all (the buttons) came off the clips :@

Gonna have to fix that..

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I just spent 30 mins with a new blog and JinJee wiped it all ..

Not happy..

Ill try again after my face is no longer bright red and fists are no longer clenched..

She is damn lucky she is so cute...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

whhoohooo holi holidays!

How i have managed it i dont know, BUT, i am on 2 weeks holidays! :D

Convenient considering the next markets is in 2 weeks lol...

I have a mission of 10 small and 10 big "wristlettes" this week .. I have done one of each .. oops... better get cracking!

These are the small ones, i finalllly learned how to line them! Lots of thinking thinking thinking.. but i got there.. Heres the small lined..

And heres the large one..

I have also bought some clip chains to make some boys ones.. the boys are always left out..

Well it is 11am and half am hour past my dead line to be starting my sewing.. and i havent even had a second coffee yet!

Later gaters...

Sunday, May 31, 2009


Well after spending half the day setting this thing up and making my banner, i guess i had better post some thing!

Hi, my name is JoJo. I am married, 2 kids, a beautiful mushycat, and i am a little sew and sew.

I can t help it..

I should have listened to my ma (yeah, shouldnt have we all teehee) when she tried to teach me from the age of about 12. Unfortunately i wasnt interested.. and it seems in retrospect, i have wasted alot of time! But it does delight her to no end now that i have been bitten by the bug, and is always ready to give advise and hand down some of her treasures. Hi ma...

I consider myself a 'fabricoholic'. I love fabrics. Not so much the material/cloth, but the designs and prints. My collection is already out of control, well for the space i am trying to contain it in; one corner of the lounge room; and i am always on the hunt...

My second addiction is patterns. I have almost as many as i do meters of material.. and to be honest, i hate using patterns!! lol. whats the use?? i think they are preeeeetttyyy.

I have just started selling at the markets, with my best friend Nessi. Kiama markets to be precise, every third Sunday (i think lol). May be one day i will be able to give up my full time job and just sew for a living, selling at various markets each weekend.. but they are just dreams at the moment... Then again if that happens we will definitely need an extension to facilitate my new "office". Poor kids, they have to watch telly around my bobbing head and over the drone of the machine.. MUM WHY DO YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO SEEEEWWWWW? then again, they'll live :P

Come back again, i hope you find lots to see and read as my busy and bumpy road winds along.. and dont ever be shy, say hello ;)

Well i guess i had better wrap it up.. school tomorrow and starving troops now...

Till next time...